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SP DMAT Students & Lecturers produce videos for Dover Park Hospice as part of their social service initiative

On March 25th. 2013, a group of lecturers and students from DMAT (Diploma in Music and Audio Technology) went over to Dover Park Hospice to give back to society. Dover Park Hospice is a nursing home, providing palliative care; caring for patients going through their last stages of life.

Since volunteers & home care givers are an integral part of the patients looked after by the hospice, it was important for the hospice, to make sure all volunteers & home care givers are well equipped with the necessary skills to care for the patients. As such, the hospice approached lecturers from DMAT if they could volunteer their services to help produce a series of short educational videos that provided basic instructions to volunteers and home care givers on the various methods used to care for patients at home.

The SP DMAT team volunteered to produce the project and the team, consisting of 4 students and 3 lecturers started work on the project about two weeks before the actual date of filming. The students created the storyboards based on the scripts provided by Dr. Karen Liaw of Dover Park Hospice.

On the day of the actual production, the team, comprising of Students Ong Jin Jie, Lek Kai Wen, Xavier Lee and Tan Pei Kai and Lecturers, Neelesh Bhatia, Faith Tay and Michael Tan, shot the videos on location at Dover Park Hospice. Later, SP DMAT Alumni, Valerie Chan, volunteered her time to record the Voice Over for all the videos.

Besides giving back to the society, the students gained a lot from this experience as well. Considering that all students working on this project came from the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology, they all learnt the fundamentals of video production. "Editing was tough but cool," said Ong Jin Jie, from DMAT Year 2. "It was my first time filming 'professionally', said Peikai, from DMAT year 2. "It definitely was really different from what I expected.

According to the lecturer Neelesh Bhatia, who directed, edited and mixed the sound for the videos, "Personally & professionally, it was a very satisfying experience. To see how care givers provide much needed palliative care to patients in their final stages of life, was very humbling indeed." Lecturer Michael Tan was, "Thankful to be able to make a small contribution to the community and to touch the lives of others".

Lecturer Faith Tay, produced and composed the original music tracks for the project along with students Gerald Wong, Xavier Lee, Tan Pei Kai and Lek Kai Wen. Said Faith, "It's a pleasure to be of some use to the community, what's more, for such a loving and dedicated organisation that works hard towards the well-being of their patients."

All in all, the entire team from SP was grateful for the opportunity and for the blessings around them.



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