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S.E.E.D SIG student Techno-Journey in Hackathons

18 June 2013

This is a story of S.E.E.D SIG. S.E.E.D SIG stands for Sharing, Exploration, Enrichment, Development Special Student Interest Group. S.E.E.D SIG was founded by graduates of Diploma in Information Technology. They aim to invite likeminded DMIT students who believe in having serious fun while accumulating IT experience, cultivate successful habits and ultimately make a difference in their three year study in DMIT. Between February and June 2013, SIG members had an eventful journey in 6 hackathons that build their capability and discover a world of possibilities.
Isobar Create32 Hackathon 2013
SIG members trying out code related to
the Near Field Communication technology.
Isobar Create32 Hackathon Singapore
(23 Feb 2013 - 24 Feb 2013)

SIG members had 32 hours of non-stop coding with great fun with many IT enthusiasts from industry and institutions to develop application ideas using Near Field Communication technology.
IDA proffessionals sharing key technologies in IT.
NFC experts share to students how to innovate through habits
in Design Thinking.
NUS GeekJam 2013 (08 March 2013 - 10 March 2013)
SIG members never regret journeying into the GeekJam 2013 entrepreneurs' hackathon event which was held in NUS. The 3-days event was filled with enthusiasm in developing meaningful project ideas under the mentorship of IT startup founders, Google experts and famous mobile developers (e.g. Yosi Taguri). In this event, the students learnt from Yosi Taguri on how he passsionately took 8 hours to code a voice command mobile game, Pah!. Pah! Enjoyed millions of download worldwide.
Participants of NUS GeekJam 2013
Expert Mobile App Developer Yosi Taguri having fun with SIG members during GeekJam project demo.
SIG members collaborating with overseas exchange student
in GeekJam.
SIG members feedback on GeekJam Hackathon experience
NUS MatchNHack Hackathon 2013 (23 March 2013 - 24 March 2013)
SIG members took home precious industrial experience after attending the NUS MatchNHack Hackthon 2013. They had a wonderful time brainstorming together with experienced startup founders and did serious coding together with great industry developers in this event.

One of the SIG member teamed up with 2 startup developers from TaskAmigo created the FlitterChat application. The idea emerged as the 2nd Place in the hackathon.
SIG member learnt to work with IT experts
from startups on their new idea.
SIG members socializing with IT and business enthusiasts in MatchNHack.
We Live To Code ZombieWowZapp @ Microsoft 2013 (05 April 2013 - 07 April 2013)
Every year, Microsoft organizes ‘We Live To Code’ worldwide hackathon in 100 cities around the world with more than 14,000 participants. SIG members did not take too long to decide to join this event. The entire environment was surrounded by music and crazy coding ideas. Two DIT Alumni were also involved in the event as organizer, judge, mentor and sponsor.
Participants of We LiveToCode Hackathon 2013@Microsoft.
SIG members having fun during midnight @ Microsoft
as zombie coder
SIG members learning programming from a mentor at Microsoft
NEA Clean and Green Hackathon 2013 @ NUS New Town (26 April 2013 - 28 April 2013)

SIG members took the NEA Clean and Green Hackathon 2013 seriously. During that weekend, their participation was rewarded with multiple sessions of experts teaching them how to leverage on key technologies (SAP HanaOne, Google App Scripts) and useful techniques to apply government data to identify problem area and had fun creating interesting solutions.
SIG members receiving award from Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment and Water
during NEA Clean and Green Hackathon 2013.
During this event, the SIG members worked
with a new found friend, a startup mentor.
SIG members had a group photo before demo
SIG members in NEA Clean&Green Hackathon 2013.
AngelHack Spring Hackathon Singapore 2013 @ Microsoft (1 June 2013 - 2 June 2013)

The judges for this event consist of venture capitalists (investors) from Silicon Valley and technopreneurs from Asia Pacific region. AngelHack is popular because it is where participants can learn new developer tools, meet new friends, and receive funding and mentorship for their startup ideas. SIG members did not leave this outside their radar and dived into it to seek new challenges as part of their quest of a well-rounded professional.
Participants in AngleHack 2013.
SIG members showcasing their work to the judges.
An Asia Pacific startup investor sharing the funding criteria
The Hackathon events had created many opportunities for the SIG members to build their capabilities, network with the like-minded, and discover the world of possibilities. They had fun and yet realize that they are building successful habits at the same time.

Interested to join S.E.E.D SIG? Contact Mr Tan Hu Shien via SMS to 97582659 for an appointment. S.E.E.D SIG is only for students who are interested in having fun with technologies and serious coding.




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