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SP DIT students visit Ubisoft Singapore

27 Aug 2013

20 students from the Diploma in Information Technology (Game Development Option) got the ultimate treat: a once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Ubisoft Singapore office. The out-of-classroom experience brought them face-to-face with professionals from the game development leader, Ubisoft, publisher and developer of AAA mega-hit games, such as the Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon series.
Hearing it from the experts like Game Programmer Lee Chi Shan
During the visit, they gained an in-depth understanding of the roles and best practises of game development teams. For the cherry on the cake, they even got to meet their real-life heroes who are working on their favourite games.
Darren Quek demystifying the Quality Assurance role in game development
Game industry experts like Lee Chi Shan, Game Programmer, and Nickole Li, Game Designer, emphasised the importance of technical foundations, mathematics, and using the right tools for teams.
Their senior, DIT alumni, Darren Quek, Quality Assurance Tester, shared with them the importance of shipping a quality game and what really goes on behind the scenes.

Other SP DIT alumni who have found success at Ubisoft Singapore include: Lin Junjie, Level Integrator; Ian Teo, Quality Assurance Tester; Dickson Ang, Quality Assurance (Intern); Christopher Choo, Quality Assurance (Intern).
About DIT Students' Visit to Ubisoft
DMIT organises regular local and overseas Study Trips for students to expose them to real-world, industry environments, where they experience first-hand technologies, work spaces, and meet industry experts. The Diploma in Information Technology offers a Game Development Option where students start specialising in developing and publishing PC, console, and smart phone games from their 2nd year. Besides this visit, DIT students have visited and/or interned in companies from New York, USA, to Tokyo, Japan.
Our dream visit to Ubisoft Singapore
Up close and personal with DIT Alumni, Darren Quek
Special thanks to our speakers and SP DIT alumni




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