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Prying (Their Way) With a Crowbar

14 October 2013

In the recently concluded Crowbar Awards, two graduates from School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology did us proud by beating over 900 entries and clinching the bronze award for their respective categories.

In today’s SP Buzz, we present to you the winning works and the faces behind these works of creativity, why they chose SP and their aspirations after winning the award.

Canine Candidate – Khidir Bin Suhaimi

Khidir and his team mate at The Crowbar Awards
"When they announced that we won the bronze awards, we were literally stoked!"

This was what Khidir exclaimed when he got to know that his team bagged the Bronze Award in the "Animation Category" of The Crowbar Awards for their project "Canine Candidate".

Together with his teammates, Khidir created the animation as their submission for their Final Year Project. Spanning one year of production, the animation depicts the story of a friendly local police officer of a town who transforms from being a sad and lonely guy to a happy man, after he finds a canine friend in the most unexpected manner. One thing special about the animation was the overall aesthetic looks. The team agreed on the idea of having a rendered "2D look" on a "3D surrounding".
Khidir shared with SP Buzz that the team was given a longer period as their animation was earmarked for submission for competitions. In addition, the team faced challenges along the way too. For instance, some of the animation effects such as the expression of the dog and additional effec

Its like the falling of a piece the cloth which were intricate and difficult to render, though seemingly insignificant, were very important to the team as they wanted to make sure it looked good in their animation.
A jubilant Desmond at
The Crowbar Awards
Cleaning Crisis – Desmond Wong

"I was… surprised!" quips Desmond, when he learnt about winning the Bronze Award in the "Applications Category" of The Crowbar Award for his project “Cleaning Crisis”.

Working with three other teammates, Desmond and team began working on the game application last year for their Final Year Project assignment. Based in a setting of a local hawker centre and food court, the objective of this unique game is to clear the table as quickly as possible, with the difficulty adding up as the level increases.
Cleaning Crisis - Desmond Wong

As fun as it seems, the game has an important role to play: it aims to educate the public about clearing their own trays after every meal at the hawker centres and food courts. Based on their research, the most downloaded games are often casual games that are quick-to-play and suitable for all ages. And this was the reason why the team chose to develop a casual game for this purpose.

Desmond revealed that the team took around four months to develop and publish the game, making it available in the Apple App Store. What he did not expect, was that the game was well-liked by many in campus, and was later recognised by lecturers for its outstanding work.

Tempted to play the game? Download it here:

SP is proud of Khidir and Desmond and their teams for clinching the award! Our heartiest congratulations to both!

As a platform to recognise exceptional young talent, the annual Crowbar Awards is a joint effort by the advertising industry and educational institutions in Singapore, with the aim to nurture talent for the local creative sector. Entries are judged by industry practitioners, and the award is recognised as an invaluable entry into the local creative industry.


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