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BANDAI NAMCO Visits M.A.D. Studios

22 November 2013

Game Producers Inspire Future Game Artists
BANDAI NAMCO Team takes a picture with DMIT Deputy Director Wendy Lee (standing 3rd from right)
and DDA Course Chair Ahmad Al-Mahir (standing right).
BANDAI NAMCO Game Producer Hideo Baba talks about the history of the "Tales of" series.
The School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) had the privilege of having BANDAI NAMCO's famous 'Tales of' producer, Mr Hideo Baba and a few of his development team members pay a visit to the Media, Arts and Design (M.A.D) Studios. The distinguished visitors were given a brief overview of the Diploma in Digital Animation (DDA) and Diploma in Games Design and Development (DGDD) courses, toured the M.A.D Studios facilities and interacted with DDA final year students in the home-based studio. They also viewed some of DDA and DGDD students’ impressive course works.

After the tour DMIT and DGDD students were treated to a talk by producer Mr. Julien Girard-Buttoz about the intriguing history of BANDAI NAMCO, the remarkable list of achievements by the company to date and the facilities they’ve set up both in Japan and Singapore. Mr Hideo Baba then delivered an engaging talk about the "Tales of" series and also shared some news about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. and Pac Man games for the various game platforms. The audience was shown a trailer that chronicles the entire “Tales of” games series including the latest “Tales of Xillia 2”, and students enthusiastically participated in the question and answer with Mr Hideo Baba afterwards. Some of the students also managed to get his autograph and took pictures with him.

"The insights into the workings of one of the giants in the video games industry are invaluable and I can feel their passion and drive in creating products of the highest standards for everyone to enjoy," enthuses DDA Year 3 student Tay Yu after the talks.
Full attendance comprising DMIT and SD staff and students at MLT12.
Enthusiastic DDA students enjoying the sharing session.
DDA 3rd year student Tay Yu gets
a personal autograph from Hideo Baba.
DDA students (and big BANDAI NAMCO fans)
pose with Hideo Baba.




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