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Nihon Manga Geiyutsu Gakuin (Manga Voice Acting School) Visit to SP DMIT

27 Nov 2013

Both Students and Staff from DMIT and Nihon Manga Geiyutsu Gakuin squeezed on the stage where
they performed to take a memorable photo together.
As part of the DMAT MasterClass Week in Singapore Polytechnic arranged by the Diploma in Music & Audio Technology, 80 students from the Japanese Voice-Acting School (Nihon Manga Geiyutsu Gakuin) were invited to Singapore Polytechnic to perform alongside their SP counterparts. The event started with a showcase of SP’s very own Formalisms, under the SPEAR Record Label, and the audience, including our very own DMIT Students, were awed with the original and engaging songs that were performed live before them. The Japanese students also enjoyed the cute characters that were portrayed in the 3D animation from the IMAGINA project “The Canine Candidate” done by the students from the Diploma in Digital Animation. The main highlight of the event was an eye-opening dance act followed by an ear-inspiring live voice-acting demonstration through the enactment of two scenes from the popular Anime, One Piece. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our students and staff to be able to see such professional voice acting performed life in Singapore.
This year also marks the first-of-its-kind collaboration between the Voice-Acting School and DMIT as two of their Voice-Acting students provided the voice-overs for our Final Year 2D Animation Project that will be completed in Feb 2014.
The Japanese Students were then treated to a short tour of DMIT facilities such as the M.A.D. Studios, The Cyber WarGame Centre and the Music Labs and they were equally amazed at our state-of-the-art “Hacking” studio and the cosy M.A.D. Studios. The enjoyment and excitement ended merrily with an exchange of gifts and even WhatsApp and Facebook contacts. The students are already looking forward to them coming back next year as it was such a fruitful and culturally-rich experience.
Quotes from DMIT Students:

"The Japanese Students were very polite, and we should definitely learn more from them!"
– Clare Tan

"If they could visit the school for more days I'm sure it'll be more fun and we will be able to forge bonds with the Japanese Students."
– Seah Hui Jun




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