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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Our Course

01 Dec 2015

Welcome to our weekly issue of 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Course.

This week, we go behind the scenes with the lecturers from the Diploma in Digital Animation (DDA), to find out what it’s like in DDA and what the profession entails.
- DMIT Editor

1. DDA is different from secondary school because ...

There are no written exams! Most of what you will be doing is quite hands-on. You will definitely be drawing most of the time. You will also be spending a lot of time working on animation using 3D animation software such as Maya.

2. Most people spend their time in …

The M.A.D. Studios. Many people here love to comfy up in their cosy corner to do their work. They often like to design their personal space in a way that will inspire them such as putting books, soft toys and action figures.

3. You will spend most of your time working on …

Improving your observation skills and attention to detail. To be a good artist, observation is key. Imagine you are animating a cat running. You do need to observe how the cat runs; which foot comes first and which foot follows, how the body shape changes as it runs and so on…

4. The fun thing about DDA is…

The DDA culture! You’ll discover a strong sense of bonding amongst students and lecturers and that everybody enjoys learning simply because there is a lot of fun and play mixed in with the learning. The small cohort size helps too because everybody knows each other and where lecturers get to spend more time guiding individual student.

5. To do well in this profession, you must be…

Dedicated and really love what you do because the profession is demanding and the hours are long and irregular. But it’s FUN!!!





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