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28 November 2013

Electronic Arts, the multi-national game publisher and developer of top-selling game series such as Plants vs. Zombies™, Need for Speed™, SimCity™, The Sims™, and Battlefield™, gave Diploma in Information Technology (Game Development Option) students not one, but two unforgettable experiences in and out of the classroom.
Learning about the processes in shipping a multi-national title
Earlier in October, game industry veterans from Electronic Arts Singapore visited Singapore Polytechnic. Our esteemed guests, Begum Farah, Moo Yunte, Teo Kah Hui and Alexander Bravo gave a comprehensive look at the sophisticated processes and teams needed to prepare a game for commercial release in multiple countries and cultures.
Jun Yao shares his EA internship experience with peers and juniors
During the sharing session at the Writers’ Room in SP, Ang Jun Yao, a year 3 student pursuing a Diploma in IT (Game Development Option), also shared with his peers and juniors his experience as Assistant Localization Testing Project Manager during his internship attachment at EA Singapore in the previous semester.
Our gracious host, Begum Farah, showing us around EA office
To pile on the treats, in November, a group of privileged students were allowed an inside peek to the insides of EA Singapore’s office at Fusionopolis. Here, they got to meet more industry experts from different disciplines and teams, such as Engineering, Production, Localization, and Testing. Students also got hands-on game testing experience to learn that it took a keen eye-for-details to be a successful game tester.
DIT alumni, Vickie Ang Wei Qi, is currently working as Localization Testing Project Coordinator at EA Singapore. Vickie was offered a position to stay on after a successful internship attachment at EA Singapore during her final semester in SP.

About the Diploma in Information Technology

DMIT organises regular local and overseas Study Trips for students to expose them to real-world, industry environments, where they experience first-hand technologies, work spaces, and meet industry experts. The Diploma in Information Technology offers a Game Development Option where students start specialising in developing and publishing PC, console, and smart phone games from their 2nd year. Besides this visit, DIT students have visited and/or interned in companies from New York, USA, to Tokyo, Japan, and of course, Singapore.
Our early Christmas treat from EA Singapore!
Christmas comes early to EA Singapore!
Thank you, Electronic Arts speakers and hosts!




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