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A trip to Nepal with DMIT

12 December 2013

“As our lives change and we slowly part from each other,
I can honestly say, we will still friends forever.”
On 22 September 2013 – 06 October 2013,
12 DMIT students with 8 other schoolmates made our way to Nepal, Nagarkot with Mr Kenny Seah and Mr Quek Chee Siong as our lecturers who taking care of us.

It was after the MSTs that we had to constantly meet up almost every day to plan out the activities and the events that we were going to do in Nepal with the children there.
Although not all 22 of us are from the same school or course, it was that fact that bonded us even further as we were able to share our different experiences we had from our various schools. As not the entire group who went to Nepal was from DMIT, we were able to understand the other courses and were able to get many other different ideas and inputs from other students of various schools as well.

I, myself being in year two could also share my experience in DBIT with the year ones who are also in the same course as me too.

Although our OCIP trip to Nepal has ended, the friendship we made definitely continues.
A group photo of the students from DMIT consisting of students from DBIT, DIT and DISM respectively.
We all had a great holiday spent in Nepal with our new friends made and
we enjoyed watching beautiful sunrise and sunsets (almost) every day.
Some photos of us playing around and taking group pricutres while waiting for the sun to rise and the sun to set.
Some group photos while waiting for the sun to set.
The girls doing “Namaste” (greeting everyone hello)
On a particular day, we went down to the village to visit the principal’s house. It was an eye-opener for us as we managed to see the living condition of the Nepali and we were able to meet many locals there as well.
A group photo after we visited the village where the principal of the school lived in.
We managed to surprise one of our team mate Catherine and we celebrated her birthday together with our Nepali guides.
Us with the Nepali children playing around with our poses.
Us with the Nepali children playing around with our poses.
Being proud of DMIT! (-:
Camp fire on the last day before leaving the school.
The day before we left the school for the city, we had a campfire where we sang songs and partied the night.
Our performance where we ended with giving the children “hearts”
A group photo with our tents and Nepal 6 shirts.
Overall, it was a great opportunity given to me by DMIT to be able to do CIP work in Nepal with my friends and it was a wonderful time spent getting to know more about my friends and also getting to slow down our pace of life and enjoy our time in Nepal. Although we were supposed to be there to help and bless the people by building their school and playing with the children and teaching them, I feel that we were blessed even more instead by the children and their teachable and pure hearts! (-:

We really had a good time and bond with the team as well as with our lecturers Mr Kenny Seah and Mr Quek Chee Siong as we got to know our lecturers better.

If given an opportunity by DMIT, I would definitely want to go back to Nepal again!




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