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iDiscover 2014

27 March 2014

iDiscover 2014 marks the fourth year of our event whereby secondary school students are invited to visit our school to view our final year students’ works. As with the past 3 runs, this year’s event was well received by almost 200 secondary school students and teachers who visited our show. We had many student helpers around to assist and facilitate the event. Below is a writeup done by one of our student helpers.

iDiscover 2014 was a fun and enriching experience as I saw some of the many exhibitions put up by the 3rd year students. With my conversations with some of the secondary students, I had learned a lot on that day.

DMAT Performance
As a helper from the DMIT Student Ambassadors, I had to lead the students from their bus arrival point to the Auditorium where a fantastic musical performance was put up by our students and lecturers from the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology. Short films and animations were also shown to the students which were done by our students from Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

After that, I led the students to the Singapore Polytechnic’s Convention Centre where our graduation show, Render 2014 was held. The students could then take their time to go visit the different categories of projects. There were 8 categories in all, ranging from animation, to security and even emerging technologies.

The beads students can collect
After visiting the projects they could then get beads containing a letter that they could use to form a bracelet with the words 'SP DREAMS'. If they had managed to fill in the form that they were given, they would be able to stand a chance to win something from a lucky draw at the end of the day!

The exhibitions were interesting with the third year students giving their all to explain to the students and even to guests from different industries!

After the students had gone through the exhibitions, they could then collect attractive goodie bags and participate in the lucky draw, with some lucky students walking away with Starbucks Prepaid Cards.

At the end of the 2 days, we were very tired but were glad that we had helped out for the event as everyone had thanked us for helping to host the students. We also had a small competition where some helpers would upload a photograph they had taken of the students and upload it to our Facebook page where the photo with the most likes could win attractive prizes!

In conclusion, it was a very enjoyable experience that had received lots of feedback from the students. This event had allowed me to socialize more with secondary students and be inspired by the third year student’s projects that had given me some ideas on what I could do when it was my turn to do my final year project.

By Lindon Ng
Second year student from the Diploma in InfoComm Security Management




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