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A Day as a Tourist visting to Singapore Civil District

18 July 2014

Hospitality and Tourism IT

A group of students taking the Hospitality and Tourism Operation Management module from the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) course had an enriching field trip to the Singapore Civil District and Asian Civilzation Museum on 18th July 2014. Students have a first hand experience on a walking tour as a "Tourist" in the Singapore Civil District.
River Taxi at Singapore River
The walking tour starts from the Singapore River. Students get to know how the Singapore river has became the heart of commercial activities and the centre of entreport trade in the past. Now it has transformed to chic eateries and pubs and there are river taxis ferrying sightseers and tourist from Singapore River to the Marina Bay area.
Fullerton Heritage Gallery
Students then proceeded to Fullerton Hotel to visit the Fullerton Heritage Gallery at level 1 to discover the rich history of the Fullerton Building. Students were surprised that Fullerton building was a General Post Office which opened in 1928.

Now, the Fullerton building is a world-class hotel with 400 guest rooms.
"The visit to the Singapore civil district gives me a better understanding of the history and cultural aspects of Singapore. In addition, being on the actual tourist site, I get to understand the needs of tourists. Using Information Technology aptly will enhance the overall experience of tourists. For example, I can develop a mobile application to assist tourist in locating and exploring places of interest." said Lennard Wong, a year 2 DIT student.
After learning the past, the final stop is the bustling new Financial and Business district, the Marina Bay. Students are tasked to identify the various tourist attractions in the Marina Bay area. Most of them are able to identify the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Sands Sky Park, Merlion Park, The Helix Bridge, The Singapore Flyer, The Float, etc.

"The 2-hours walking tour of the Singpapore Civil District allow me to appreciate the needs of the industry and the diverse opportunities available for the Tourism and Hospitality industry. In addition, being on location, the sight, sound and surrounding let me experience first hand what is the needs of “tourists” and I am able learn more compare to a classroom setting." said Nicholas Lim, a year 2 DIT student.
Outside Asian Civilization Museum
Marina Bay
Fullerton Hotel



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