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DDA to offer new enhanced internship for selected students

18 June 2015

Dr. Faris Akbar Hajamaideen, Director of DMIT, Dr. Kok Cheong WONG (KC), Founder and CEO of Sparky Animation
and members of staff from both sides posing for a group photo after the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation.
Students from the Diploma in Digital Animation (DDA) can now have a chance to be selected for an extended, more comprehensive and meaningful internship, thanks to a recent agreement with Sparky Animation, one of Singapore’s biggest animation companies.

Each year, two to three final-year DDA students will be attached to Sparky Animation for a period of one year. There, they will participate in high-quality real-life projects, including being exposed and immersed in their areas of specialization through Sparky’s robust industry pipeline. All this is part of an extensive training program designed to hone students’ production-readiness.

In addition, interns will also be given leave from work, for one to two days a week, to attend classes in school as part of a work-study model.

The tie-up with Sparky Animation echoes recent calls by the government for enhanced internships to strengthen students’ learning at the workplace, so as to provide them with a more meaningful experience and better support for structured learning at the workplace.
We are privileged to have Sparky Animation as our industry partner in this endeavor and trust that the invaluable experience will benefit our students both professionally and personally.
Mr Ahmad Al-Mahir
Course Chair, Diploma in Digital Animation
This newly established one year internship programme marks another milestone in our collaboration with SP. We are always delighted to work with SP and we are honoured to be granted with the skill sets and competency of their all rounded students.
Dr. Kok Cheong WONG (KC)
Founder and CEO, Sparky Animation Pte Ltd



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