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A Living Testimony of the Never Give Up SPirit

Jian Wen, a DCEG alumnus, was from the Normal Academic Stream. That, however, did not he deter him from giving his best when studying for his diploma in SP. While doing his final year student project, he was motivated and positive, putting in much effort and time throughout. Although the project was not selected for the project exhibition, he and his team mates did not give up but developed it further. Their efforts paid off when the project won a merit award in 2012 for the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award.

While serving his national service, Jian Wen would come back to SP during weekends to conduct walk-on-water (WoW) training for his juniors who were involved in the WoW race in the Singapore International Festival 2014. In NTU, he continued to pursue his interests in electronics engineering. Studying in NTU was initially financially challenging for him as he had to find ways to fork out his university fees. However, Jian Wen remained undaunted in the pursuit of his academic dreams. He looked to getting financial assistance through scholarships to relieve his family's financial situation. His perservering spirit paid off when he was awarded the Singapore-Industry Scholarship on 2 August 2016 and could now fully pursue his interests in ELECTRONICS.