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EEE Launched its 60th Anniversary Celebration in Style

The mood at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre (SPCC) was celebratory, festive and joyful as about 1000 staff and students, decked in specially designed blue T-shirts, gathered on Monday, 10 Apr 2017, to celebrate the launch of EEE’s year-long Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Turning 60 is a momentous milestone for EEE as it looks back with pride the significant role it has played and the many achievements made, in bringing quality engineering education to many, and how it has stayed relevant to the purpose and development of Singapore in spite of its many challenges.  


No less a cause for pride is EEE’s pioneering spirit which was nostalgically captured on a video montage that was screened, and showed the many ‘firsts’ it had clinched through the years.  Among them were the first electric car, electric bus, solar car, computer controlled power system, electronic bulletin board, satellite TVRO dish, cable TV network, Gold at WorldSkills Competition, wind turbine.


The event was also a showcase of EEE’s student talents in song and dance.  A beautiful rendition of the song, entitled “Dreams” by DEEE student, Muhammad NurHaziq Bin Abdul Hadi, expressed his desire to dream big and taking steps to realise his dreams. The song, dedicated to EEE students and staff, was Muhammad’s very own composition. DASE student, Sajeev Suppiah, choreographed a dance item for the occasion.  Together with the Suave Boyz from the Strictly Dance Zone, they pumped-up the audience with their energetic hip hop moves.

Muhammad dedicating his song “Dreams”
to EEE students and staff

Energetic Hip Hop dance by DASE student,
Sajeev and the Suave Boyz

Thereafter, the entire house was brought down with 6 simple exercise moves that got everyone moving.  With the help of a Fitness Tracker Mobile Application, which was specially developed by DCPE students, Chan Chung Loong and Min Hein Aung for the exercise segment, the audience hit 60 moves to commemorate the school’s 60th Anniversary!

   Audience hitting 60 exercise moves to commemorate EEE’s 60 Anniversary


The celebration culminated in our guests inserting the missing pieces to complete a large sized, 4.5 m by 1.5 m, 60th anniversary logo. That was accompanied by the brilliant lighting of the logo, the firing of confetti poppers and the release of 200 balloons upon the audience. The cutting of the giant anniversary cake by our guests took place on stage soon after.

The event ended with guests and all being given a surprise sampling of pancakes that were ‘printed’ by a 3D Pancake Machine at the foyer!  Now that was another first for EEE!

Guests with 60th anniversary logo

Cutting of anniversary cake

EEE pan-cake making team with
3D Pancake Printing Machine

60th anniversary pancakes printed by
3D pancake Machine

Congratulations and happy 60th Anniversary to EEE!

Publish on 27 April 2017



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