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SP is IoT Ecosystem Partner with UnaBiz’s SIGFOX Network

Towards further positioning SP as a Smart Campus, SP, through the School of EEE, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UnaBiz Pte Ltd on 20 Feb 2017. UnaBiz, a SigFox network operator, is sponsoring 20 UnaShields that allow Arduino UNO boards to transmit sensor & other data, as well as setting up two “base stations” in SP campus. A SigFox network provides cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things as it allows low-energy, low data rate transmission over a long distance of a few kilometres, while a base station can receive and forward data. The data will eventually reach the “cloud” where analytics can be done. The sponsored UnaShields can be used in such Final Year Projects as “Asset Tracking”, “Dementia Patients Tracking”, “Trash Bin Full Notification”, “Smart Meter Reading” etc. EEE staff will undergo a Train-the-Trainers workshop to give them a headstart in using the SigFox network


Publish on 1 March 2017