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5 SEEE Alumni to be groomed and nurtured as Core Singapore Talent!

5 SEEE alumni who graduated, between 2012 to 2015, from the Diploma Courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE), Engineering with Business (DEB), Aerospace Electronics (DASE) and Clean Energy (DCEG) have been awarded the Singapore Industry Scholarship (SgIS) for this year. The scholarship is an initiative by the Government and industries to nurture a strong core of Singapore talent with the requisite skills and capabilities to steer and contribute to various strategic sectors ranging from engineering, aviation, tourism, power, maritime, healthcare to arts and social services. While pursuing their undergraduate studies, they will enjoy an early start in personal and professional growth and development with myriad exciting opportunities to be offered by their sponsoring organisation.

The 5 SEEE students together formed the largest number from a single school in SP who will be receiving the award from Mr Ng Chee Meng, Acting Minister for Education (Schools), and Senior Minister of State for Transport at the 2016 SgIS Award Ceremony to be held on 2 August 2016 at the University Cultural Centre (UCC), National University of Singapore. 3 other SP alumni from the School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) and the School of Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS) will also be receiving the award.

Our heartiest congratulations to the 5 SEEE alumni for obtaining the 2016 SgIS awards!

S/No Name Diploma Year of Graduation
1 Tai Jing Shen DEEE 2014
2 Timothy Tang DEB 2015
3 Lin Yaoliang Alvin DEEE 2010
4 Tan Zhi Gang DASE 2012
5 Aloysius Koh DCEG 2013