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Celebrating the Completion of an Important Milestone

It was a time of reminiscing how far they had come, what they had learnt, the bonds they had forged with their peers and lecturers, and the achievements they had made over the last 3 years. Clearly, these were heart-warming moments the graduating students would remember as they chilled out amidst the music, singing, performances, games, photo booth and a sumptuous buffet dinner spread at the 6 graduating parties held separately over 5 evenings, and at different locations in the 2 weeks following their final exams. The parties were planned and organised by students from the 6 EEE courses to celebrate completing their 3 year course. It was amazing to see how nondescript project centres at AE308/9, studios at T1434/35 and Auditorium Reception Hall were being decked with decorations and glitter, and transformed into tasteful banquet hall look-alikes for the gatherings.

The turnout for the parties was encouraging. While games, singing and eating formed the main staples of the parties’ programmes, DCPE Graduating Party’s, however, featured a motivational talk by a DCNT alumni, Mr Peh Shao Hong, who works in Apple as a Software Engineer (Business Intelligence), and a talk by DSA’s Alumni Officer, Ms Jessica Wong, about post-graduation engagements with SP. DESM Chair, Mr Chia Soo Ping, even sang a song dedicated to the graduates by modifying a popular local song. Unlike the other parties, the DESM Graduation Party was also DESM’s first ever such party held for its graduating students.

The graduating parties not only mark the completion of an important milestone in the students’ life’s journey, but also herald the next exciting chapter to come. It is during such moments that EEE alumni, lecturers and staff are reminded anew of the important stakes they have in raising a generation of young Singaporeans who are ready to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities ahead. Our best wishes to the students in their future endeavours.

DCPE Graduating Party @ Auditorium Reception Hall 13 Mar 2017. Sharing by DCNT alumni Mr Peh Shao Hong. Opening Speech by Deputy Director Mr Lee Chee Whye.
DEB Graduation Party@ AE308/09, SP AeroHub, 15 March 2017
DASE Graduation Party @ AE308/309, AeroHub 14 Mar 2017 DESM Graduation Party 2017 @ AE309, AeroHub 10 Mar 2017
DEEE Graduation Party @ AE308/309, AeroHub17 Mar 2017
DES Graduation Party @ T1434/35 17 Mar 2017