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DEEE student, Keith Siow Kee Tat, bagged prestigious Motorola Scholarship

Keith Siow Kee Tat, a second year DEEE student, bagged the Motorola Scholarship for AY 2015/6.

Siow Kee Tat Keith, Motorola Scholar for AY2015/16

The scholarship, worth $2500, comes without a bond. As the scholarship recipient, Keith has an edge over others when seeking employment with Motorola as his achievements are recognized by the company and included in its Talent Search Database.

Keith’s cumulative GPA score of above 3.9 and a “Gold with Honours” award in CCA grade within a year in SP, make him a clear winner for the prestigious scholarship.   Expressing his deep appreciation and gratitude to Motorola for the scholarship, Keith said, “I am very grateful to Motorola for being the beacon of light during my educational journey in the Polytechnic. In reciprocation, I hope to contribute back more to the community by participating actively in charity events, helping my schoolmates in their studies, volunteering to help in SP activities or helping others in need.”

An all-rounder, Keith is able to meet the demands of the project-based learning in the SP Engineering Academy while, at the same time, actively pursuing his interests in community service and developing himself to be a good leader.   His involvement outside the classroom includes, among other things, participating in the Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift event run by the SP Primers, taking part in SP’s Operation Shangri-La 2015, an Overseas Community Involvement programme (OCIP), and being a Peer Tutor with the School of EEE to give free tuition to students who are academically weaker.