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Informative and Engaging session for Parents at EEE Parent-Tutor Communication Session

About 185 parents turned up on 15 July 2017 to meet up with their child’s Personal Tutor and gain understanding of the course which their child is studying through a talk by the course chair. This is the 1st time that parents from 3 targeted groups of students were invited for the session: 1st Year and Direct Entry students, students who are not in their 1st semester of study and student with Special Education Needs (SEN). The session provided a platform for parents to meet and seek clarification on their child’s academic progress with the personal tutor, gain insights on their child’s course of study and learned about a myriad of opportunities for their child’s development via enhanced internship and overseas programmes.

The session started with a talk by the course chair followed by a face-to-face consultation session with their child’s personal tutor. Parents also visited a poster gallery that showcased the authentic learning experiences gained by our students from the 22-weeks enhanced internships, accomplishments by our students, the industry sectors that our EEE graduates can seek employment with and a showcase of project exhibits done by EEE students. Each project showcased EEE students’ innovations and application of engineering knowledge and skills from each of the 6 EEE courses. 

At the end of the session, each parent was given a thumb drive as a celebration token of EEE’s 60th Anniversary this year and the thumb drive was packed with informative materials on course progression, disciplinary matters and 2 video files on EEE’s 60th celebration stories and Engineering Show 2017. 

Most parents enjoyed the communication session and shared that it was both informative and engaging as they gained a better understanding of the engineering education system in Singapore Polytechnic.

Scenes from Parent-Tutor Communication Session:


Parents @ Registration Counter




Talk on Diploma in Computer Engineering

Parents @ Course Talk

Talk on Diploma in Engineering System


Talk on Course Progression Criteria


Parents @ Poster Gallery & Project Exhibits



Parents @ consultation room with their child’s personal tutor