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SEEE Students in JENESYS2016 Programme, Japan, 25 Sep to 4 Oct 2016

Last month, 12 students from SP’s Diploma in Engineering Systems (DES), Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Diploma in Engineering with Business and the Diploma in Engineering (Rapid Transit Technology) had the opportunity to visit Japan for a week under the JENESYS2016 programme.

The programme is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and aims to promote people-to-people exchange between Japan and various nations in the Asia-Pacific region.

As part of the trip, the 12 students had the unique opportunity to visit the Japan Railway’s Central Rolling Stock Depot where they witnessed how the famous bullet trains are stored and maintained.

The students also got a behind the scenes look at the tightly-run railway operations and maintenance which ensured that the bullet trains are rarely late and there are zero fatalities in its more than 50 years of operation.

The students also had the opportunity to experience first-hand the various Japanese customs, traditions and hospitality through a home-stay programme. Daniel Koh, a DES student shared that the home-stay experience was an eye-opener, “It was my first time living with a Japanese family and I managed to experience the Japanese way of life. I even had the chance to help them harvest crops – an experience I will never get in Singapore!”