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SEEE Students Proved Their Technical Excellence in Worldskills Singapore 2016

3 third year SEEE students had set their hearts on representing Singapore in the prestigious WorldSkills Competition, when they participated in the recent WorldSkills Singapore (WSS) 2016 competition held from 7 to 9 July 2016. 2 of them, Dylan Lim Wei Kang from the Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) and Andrew Tan Kai Hao from the Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) won the Gold award at the nation-wide competition. Their winning signifies their having attained a standard of technical proficiency and expertise in their respective trade areas, Electronics and Information Network Cabling, on homeground before they venture into the WorldSkills Competition, the international arena described as the “Youth Olympics of Skills,” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in October 2017. There, they will pit their wits against the scores of others in a show of technical excellence. The team’s 3rd member, DCPE student, Ernest Yeap Song Han, also turned in a credible performance to win the Medallion of Excellence in his trade, IT Network Systems Administration.

Dylan Lim Wei Kang, winner of Gold award in Electronics trade in Worldskills Singapore 2016

Andrew Tan Kai Hao, winner of Gold award in Information Network Cabling trade in WorldSkills Singapore 2016.

Ernest Yeap Song Han, winner of the Medallion of Excellence in IT Network Systems Administration trade in WorldSkills Singapore 2016.

Dylan chose the WSS in Electronics over other trades because he enjoys the challenges in that field. Also almost all products require electronics to function nowadays. The practical nature of the training has equipped him with the skills to work with electronic circuits. It enabled him to understand the circuits in greater detail as he relates electronic theory to the actual circuits.

He feels honoured to be able take part in the WSS competition as it gives him an opportunity to stretch his limits and expand his knowledge and expertise.
Andrew has always had a passion for computers and technology as he grew up with computers and playing computer games. Going into ITE sparked a new life in him as he grew fond of both engineering and IT. This led him to choose the Diploma in Computer Engineering course in SP.

In SP, he joined WSS in Information Network Cabling to broaden his skillset and also have a greater understanding of the industry. In WSS, he was exposed to a wide range of situations such as requiring having a knowledge of cable management, splicing of fibre glass and troubleshooting. With the experience gained through WSS, he felt he is better able to adapt to the industry.
Since young, Ernest Yeap has always been enthusiastic about working with computers. His keen interest in computers led him to enrol in the Diploma in Computer Engineering course in SP. At SP, he joined WSS in IT Network & Systems Administration to enhance his knowledge in network and server management.

The practical training in WSS has equipped him with the necessary knowledge to design, set up and troubleshoot IT network and systems in real world situations. He hopes to be able to pick up the necessary skills to be a competent IT professional when he graduates from SP.