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Sustainable Energy & Urban Solutions Was The Focus At EEE 3rd Tech & Industry Forum

Over 60 staff and students turned up at the 3rd Tech & Industry forum on 2 June 2017 to hear 3 invited speakers and 2 EEE staff members speak on the topics relating to “Sustainable Energy & Urban Solutions.”   The forum provides a platform for updating staff on industry trends, sharing staff’s technology development work and students’ final year projects, and encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas for projects.

The 3 invited speakers and 2 lecturers engaged the participants through their following presentations:

“Growing Singapore’s Energy Ecosystem”  by Dr Vincent Soh
Specialist, Energy Planning & Development Division Energy Authority (EMA) Singapore

“Solar Photovoltaics Developments in Singapore” by Dr Darryl Wang Project Manager, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)


“Advancing Smart City- Reality Capture” by Mr Ken Soh, Principal Consultant, Bentley Systems Singapore Pte Ltd



“Smart Grid Technologies for Smart Nation” by Dr Jiang Fan, Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (SP)


“Development of DC Microgrid for Enhanced Power System Efficiency and Stability” by Dr Wang Huaqian, Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (SP)