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Top awards for Innovative Projects by DEEE students

2 projects by DEEE students recently clinched the Gold, Best Prototype and Silver Awards in the Technology Category at the 4th National Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies (ART) Student Innovation Challenge (SIC) 2016 on 30 Mar 2016. The Challenge is a novel and unique competition which encourages students to be social innovators who integrate multidisciplinary knowledge to develop creative and innovative projects to improve the lives of the disabled and elderly. 

Gold and Best Prototype Awards

Project title: 3D Printed Prosthetics

The prosthesis device is for transradial amputees and is designed as an alternative to professional grade prosthesis devices from hospitals. The main benefit of this device, when compared to market solutions, is the lowered cost, providing affordable solutions to patients.

Students: Muhammad Faiz Bin Abideen, Lee Huang Xiang, Toh Yan Qin Andy

Supervisor: Voon Ching Choo (EEE)


Silver Award

Project title: Eye Tracker Based Communicator and Home Device Control for Disabled

The project is developed for the disabled such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Locked-in patients. The eye-tracker detects a patient's eyeball movement and uses it to control the computer interface. While currently not available to the general public, the team has plans to continue work on the project for commercialisation.

Students: Min Pyae Moe, Mohamed Ifthar Bin Mohamed Fazlulkareem, Lim Guang Liang

Supervisor: Lu Hongli (EEE)


Winners of the Gold and the Silver awards will represent Singapore in the World Student Innovation Challenge @ i-CREATe from 25 - 28 July 2016 in Thailand.