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SEEE Students Won in the Challenge to Tackle Food Wastage

Our students have done us proud again at the annual SUTD Technology & Design Competition held on July2016! The theme for this year was “Design a system or device that helps reduce or eliminate food wastage at any stage of the food value chain.”

Second Prize

Second year DCPE students, David Santoso and Melvin Ryan, and their childhood friend, Joseph Lim, won second prize in the challenge with their device that manufactures convertible take away plates to prevent food wastage. The trio won S$1500 in prize money and a fully paid trip to SUTD to participate in a 2-day robotics design workshop.


Third Prize

Third year DEEE students, Tan Jin Hui, Soh Wen Jie and Andy Chua Yu Guan, submitted a report proposal on a mobile app that reduces food wastage. The app monitors the expiry date of the can food and sends a reminder to consumer one month before the expiry date. The proposal won them 3rd prize at the competition.