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The student teams from SP Diploma of Aerospace Electronics (DASE) did very well at the Singapore Amazing Flying Machines Competition (SAFMC) held from 13 to 17 Mar 2017 by the DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore. In the Fully Autonomous Category, the Flying Machine had to fly through rooms in search of targets autonomously, while in the Open Category, the team had to design a mothership drone capable of deploying and recovering a surrogate drone.

Congratulations to the following students and staff on winning the awards:

Category Team Students Course Team Manager Award
Fully Autonomous SP Aero A1 Jonathan Fong DASE Danny Lee

Championship Award – 2nd Place

Best Platform Award – 2nd Place
Raymond Ho DASE
Tan Tian Fu DASE
Brenda Ng DASE
Ajay Pillay DEEE
Fully Autonomous SP Aero A2 Bonn Lin DASE Danny Lee

Championship Award – 3rd Place

Best Platform Award – 3rd Place
Saimen Imanuel DASE
Cheryl Ang DASE
Hee Jing Shen DASE
Mun Kar Kin DEEE
Open Interracial 720 Dinesh Kannan DASE Tan Hwee Siang Championship Award – 2nd Place Sales Contract Award – 3rd Place
Muhammad Zulkarnain Hafiz DASE
Jonathan Chew DASE



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