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2 Creative Innovations by DASE and DEEE students in the News!

Two student projects, conceived and developed by students from the Diplomas in Aerospace Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering, were among the 5 exhibits at this year’s Engineering Show that were featured in the local news and online news sites for their potential for high usability and practicality (New Paper, Straits Times, Berita Harian, AsiaOne).

Pest Controller's Assistant - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Currently, pest controllers have to climb considerable heights to visually inspect roof tops or don heavy gear before getting close to bee hives and spraying special chemicals to destroy them. The project team developed a field deployable unmanned flying machine which pest controllers can remotely pilot from a comfortable distance to carry out such hazardous tasks. Pestbusters. the pest control company for which the prototype machine was built, was so impressed with the device that they are now searching for a manufacturer to produce it.

Sun Gauntlet – Hat and Glove Sensors  

A member of the project team once saw a blind man with a white cane walk into an advertisement board. This incident inspired the team to develop Sun Gauntlet, a hat and glove set device that can vibrate when they sense objects ahead which are at waist level and above. The vibrations get stronger the closer the object becomes. The hat also has a speaker which can "talk" to the wearer, warning him of oncoming obstacles.