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Their drones flew, steering thru’ twists and turns, and WON!

3 teams of students from the Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) and Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) won the Championship Awards at the prestigious Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) 2016 held on 18 Mar 2016. The teams, SP Aero 1A and SP Aero 2A, were placed 1st and 3rd respectively for the Championship Award in the Fully Autonomous Category (D2) while the team, Ascension, won 3rd place for the Championship Award in the Open Unconventional Category (E). The team, SP Aero 1A, also won 2nd place for both the Best Platform Award and the Best Video Award.

SP Aero A1 and A2 teams, under the supervision of Senior Lecturer, Danny Lee, developed the fully autonomous flying machine for indoor environment as part of their Final Year Project. The flying machine was capable of fully autonomously taking-off, flying through openings and narrow pathways, releasing a payload precisely on target, flying through static obstacles and withstanding wind disturbances and land.

When team Ascension heard of the SAFMC’s challenge to build a waterproof drone capable of being transported underwater and then launched for mission, they immediately started to research and conceive the various designs. With strong support from the Centre for Aerospace Electronics and their Lecturer, Dr Tan Hwee Siang, the team managed to complete the drone within a short period of 3 months despite their heavy study load. The team conceived, designed and built a waterproof drone which survived water submersion and flew, fulfilling the competition requirements. Their efforts paid off during the competition where they took third place among 19 competing teams.

Congratulations to the teams for their excellent performance!

Competition Category Name Team Name Course Awards
Fully Autonomous (D2) Lai Qi Xiong SP Aero 1A DASE
  • Championship Award, 1st Place
  • Best Platform Award, 2nd Place
  • Best Video Award, 2nd Place
  • $7000 cash prize


Bickram Roy SP Aero 1A DASE
Teo Samuel SP Aero 1A DASE
K Sangeetha SP Aero 1A DEEE
Eugene Sin Jin Hui SP Aero 1A SIT (UOG)
Chen Yan SP Aero 2A DASE
  • Championship Award, 3rd Place
  • $1500 cash prize
Qian Jie SP Aero 2A DASE
Dong Zhijun (SIT) SP Aero 2A SIT (UOG)
Dylan Ting Xian Yuan SP Aero 2A DEEE
Lim Li Lincoln SP Aero 2A DEEE
Open: Unconventional (E) Shamus Swee JunHui Ascension DASE
  • Championship Award, 3rd Place
  • $500 cash prize
Tey Jun Hong Bryan Ascension DASE
Zhu Yanbiao Ascension DASE


SP DEEE and DASE teams who won Championship Awards in SAFMC 2016

Team SP Aero 1A, Championship Award, 3rd Place.
Left to Right: Mr Lai Qi Xiong, MS K Sangeetha,
Mr Ong Ye Kung (Acting Minister For Education And Skills & SeniorMininter Of State, Ministry Of Defence),
Mr Teo Samuel, Mr Bickram Roy, Mr Eugene Sin Jin Hui.

Team SP Aero 2A, Championship Award, 1st Place
Left To Right: Mr Dylan Ting Xian Yuan, Rr Chen Yan,
Mr Ong Ye Kung (Acting Minister For Education And Skills & Senior Minister Of State, Ministry Of Defence),
Mr Qian Jie, Mr Dong Zhijun.

Team Ascension, 3rd place, Championship Award (Open Unconventional Category).
Left to right: Tey Jun Hong Bryan, Zhu Yanbiao, Shamus Swee Junhui.



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