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Top 3 awards for SEEE Students at CETIASIA Challenge 2016

Students from year 3 of the Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) and Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) won the top 3 awards at the inaugural CETIAsia Challenge 2016 held at the Singapore Expo on 30 Nov 2016.

The competition was organised in conjunction with the CETI Asia (Customer Electronics Technology and Innovation), a global event which ran from 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2016 to bring together some big idea companies to talk about future technology trends and also showcase new innovations. The event showcased various technologies such as electronics, photonics, advanced materials, green environment, energy saving, industrial automation, etc.

The competition, opened to tertiary students, served as a platform for students to showcase their “SMART” technology and innovation ideas, and to promote their interest in electronic engineering.

Prize Award Project Students Course & Year Supervisor
First Prize ($3000) Virtual Reality Enabled Fitness Interact and Training System for Healthier Citizens - FIT.Me Seow Zhi Sheng
Katherine Goh Hui Hui
Ang Ning Xia
DEEE, 3rd Year Mr Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw


Second Prize ($2000) Mini IoT Service Robots to help elderly and home safe Jeremy Lee Kian Kiat
Ng Wei Siong
Kennard Chia Yun Long
DCPE, 3rd Year Mr Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw
Third Prize ($1000) Smart Shop Tee Kok Siang
Beh Chun Han
Lee Bing Xian
DCPE, 3rd Year Mr Raymond Ho




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