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DCEB Study Trip 2012 to Oita National College of Technology, Japan

The study trip to Oita National College of Technology (ONCT), located in northern part of Kyushu, took place from 25th Sep to 2nd Oct2012. It allowed us to experience the teaching and learning approaches adopted in Japanese colleges.

During the field trip to waterfalls in Oita, we witnessed Japan’s wonderful flora and fauna. At the waterfalls’ site we performed water quality tests together with ONCT students.

Waterfall Harajiri in Oita



A picture taken with ONCT principal and Japanese students on the last day


We got to visit a steel mill (Nippon Steel Corporation) in the prefecture, as well as the prefectural office. The latter is the equivalent of Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority. It gave us a peek into the daily workings of civil engineering and why it is important to maintain infrastructure as well as the means by which materials are transported, harnessed and also distributed globally. The technical aspects of civil engineering may be mundane, but they are necessary and significant for every nation.

We were also privileged to experience one of Japan’s finest pastimes, bathing in the hot springs, also known as ‘onsen’ in Japanese. It truly refreshes one’s mind and puts a weary soul to ease, and one emerges from the springs completely rejuvenated and invigorated.

Having fun at a park where ‘onsen’ are found, Yufuin.

We were humbled by the hospitality shown by the student hosts during our visit. They did their very best in interacting with us and it is truly this point that humbled us. They engaged us in simple English conversations, even though it was very difficult and not their primary language. However when they visited SP in July 2012, we were not able to show our hospitality to that extent. They left lasting impressions on us and it undoubtedly made the study trip so memorable.