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ECO-Edu Tour to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 11-13 September 2012

40 Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology (DEWT) Year 1 students embarked on their 1st overseas trip in Singapore Polytechnic to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a 3-days study trip to appreciate the issues in the world contributing to environmental impact.

To appreciate the natural environment is to truly immerse oneself in it. Students visited the Tanjong Piai National Park, camped overnight at a Waterhouse in Kukup Fishing Village, stepped onto a Floating Fish Farm (Kelong) and learnt about Organic Farming.

At Tanjong Piai National Park, students explored the park through its boardwalk, tower and bird hides. They learn about the Mangrove Eco system, saw the diverse species of flora and fauna, including the mangrove crabs, bead-eyed mudskippers and crab-eating macaques. Despite the heavy drizzle, they were pleased to be standing on the ‘Southern most tip of Mainland Asia’ and could not bear to leave the place.


Proceeding on to Kukup Fishing Village, students took a boat ride to visit the Floating Fish Farm (Kelong) to learn about the characteristics, feeding habits & cultivation of fishes. The varieties of fishes included the famous archer fish and starfish. They were also told by the fish farm owner that he supplies 60% of their grouper fish harvest to Singapore. Camping at the Waterhouse was a truly memorable night as they enjoyed the bonding time singing Karaoke, playing mah-jong, admiring twinkling stars under the dark sky and eating fresh seafood BBQ.




Wish to get a chance to harvest your own vegetables? It was made possible at the Kluang Organic Farm. Students harvested their own lady fingers, sweet potatoes, chillis, papayas, passion fruits, etc. Other activities included visit to the Mulberry farm, Dragon fruit farm, Herbs Garden, Mushroom house to know more about the various organically grown vegetables & fruits. They learnt about the benefits of organic farming and making of the EM 'mud ball' used for environment conservation programs. (The EM mud balls are useful as one of the environmental solutions towards reducing water pollutants and thus improve water quality in the rivers and drains.)




Through this trip, the Year 1 students experienced the natural environment and its impacts as well as fostered stronger friendship bonds.