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Study Trip to Switzerland from 8th - 15th Sept 2013.

We went on a study trip to Switzerland which took place from 8th September to 15th September 2013. It was a pleasant trip filled with fun and laughter, but most importantly, we had the opportunity to be exposed to many enriching and educational experiences.


For example, we got to witness the different methods of how the locals build and construct their houses. A few hotel site inspections were arranged, such as Ramada Hotel in Zurich, Sonne Hotel in Zermatt, Sunstar Hotel in Grindelwald and Cornavin Hotel in Geneva. These site inspections provided much knowledge and learning approaches not just of the hotel industry in Switzerland, but more specifically how the hoteliers run their establishment effectively. One of the key highlights during the hotel site inspections was the appearance of the Sunstar Hotel’s General Manager, who took time off to speak to us about the hotel and his experience as a management personnel. 


There were also university visits which included IMI University in Lucerne and IHTTI University in Berne. These visits were interesting as they were relevant to our DHLFM course content.


The study trip also managed to pack in stopovers at key attractions such as the Zurich Lake, the Lion monument, Chapel Bridge, Matterhorn Glacier, chocolate and cheese factories, and the International Red Cross Museum. It was a refreshing experience as they provided valuable insights to Switzerland’s heritage and culture.


Being in the company of lecturers and friends in a foreign country was definitely interesting, but what made the whole study trip truly memorable was the exposure to the unique culture and ways of living and doing things in Switzerland. The learning points from the various visits also left lasting impressions as they were not only relevant to our course content, they were also refreshing we picked up new knowledge through first-hand experiences that would not had been possible in a typical conventional classroom setting. After this experience, many of us are now seriously considering joining the hotel industry in the near future. We would definitely recommend this trip to friends and fellow students.


Written by Lok Wei Lun, student of Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management