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OITP Study Trip with City University in Hong Kong, Sept 2013



Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE) had signed a 5-year exchange programme with the City University of Hong Kong’s Division of Building Science & Technology in 2011.


In June 2013, 12 students and 1 assistant professor from the City University of Hong Kong visited Singapore as part of the programme. They were hosted by the staff and students of the Diploma in Architecture for a week when they visited various architectural sites in Singapore and toured the facilities in the School of ABE.


In September 2013, 15 students from the 2nd Year Diploma in Architecture, led by 1 lecturer, visited Hong Kong and the City University campus in their 5-day planned study trip. The students missed Typhoon Usagi by just 2 hours when they arrived at the Hong Kong Airport. 


They visited Tsim Sha Tsui’s waterfront promenade on the first night to experience the Urban Light Show and appreciated Hong Kong’s city skyline, ending with supper at the famous eateries along Temple Street. Following the exposure to the exciting cityscape, students and lecturers from the City University of Hong Kong led the group on an extensive urban walk within the Hong Kong City centre where iconic skyscrapers that shaped the Hong Kong’s skyline were appreciated at close-up level. Apart from visiting interesting malls such as LangHam Place, Pacific Place, Times Square and IFC, students also explored the night street markets that were bustling with activities within the city centre.


Understanding sustainable building features was one of the key focuses of the study trip. Students visited the newly completed Zero Carbon Building, and learned about the features from the Director of Sustainable Design of Ronald Lu & Partners - one of the highly regarded architectural practices in Hong Kong. 


Architectural students from the City University of HK had a portfolio-sharing session with the group, to learn about the academic life and work in the university. The Singapore contingent also had a chance to visit the newly completed architectural building located near the existing campus and designed by Daniel Libeskind. 


The last day was capped with a rewarding trip to Ocean Park, where students had great fun while exploring and learning about thematic architecture along the way.