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Teacher Work Attachment (TWA)

Teachers are encouraged by the Ministry of Education to take up work attachments in external organisations to broaden their outlook and experience. Through exposure with other organisations, teachers will be able to gather refreshing ideas, which will benefit and enrich students' learning and experiences.

In SP, we provide the environment and experience you need so that your time with us is worthwhile. Attachments are typically between 1 to 3 weeks long.

A teacher from Raffles Institution came to SP for the week-long Teacher Work Attachment (TWA). This is what she says:

"I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to experience a small part of the vibrant life at Singapore Polytechnic. Though the attachment was a very brief one, I could feel the enthusiasm of the staff who generously took time to share with me their experience."

"What strikes me most during my attachment is the creativity and professionalism of the staff at Singapore Poly. They have certainly passed on to me the spirit in them -- the spirit to strive for greater heights."


Teacher Work Attachment

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