Housing an aircraft hangar, laboratories and research & development centre

Sports Arena

The Sports Arena houses basketball, squash, volleyball, tennis courts and a rock climbing wall. Beside it are basketball courts and a multipurpose court

Study Facilities

Many study areas are available around campus with opening hours extended during test and exam periods

Dining Facilities

SP has six food courts, McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC, Subway and more!

Swimming Pool

Olympic-sized chlorine-free pool. It uses mineral water ionization instead

Sports Complex

Featuring a 400m running track and a soccer field


A gym with a view of the pool

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Featured Facilities


The huge open space surrounded by three buildings; T11A, T11B and T11C offers a breezy and shaded place suitable for a multitude of student activities. Tables and chairs are also made available for study to take place.


The Aero Hub houses all of the labs used by students from the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) and the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE). This includes the Wind Tunnel lab, Aerodynamics lab and Avionics lab.

All of SP's aeroplanes are also housed here including a Hawker HS125-700A, King Air B90, A4SU Super Skyhawk and Bell UH-1H Helicopter, A320 Flight simulator, F1 and F16 simulators.


Located above Foodcourt 2 and overlooking the ECOasis, this air-conditioned learning space is an ideal place to study for exams. The facility opens daily from 8am- 6pm and 8am-10pm during term test or exam periods.


The Cyber Wargame Centre is a dedicated learning space to give our students a taste of the real experience of a security professional. It consists of several labs set up for different purposes, such as launching attacks, setting up network defences, conducting forensics investigation on crime scenes and performing malware analysis.

The learning space permits creating different scenarios to hone offensive, defensive and investigative skills in our students. Students will put their skills to the test by competing against their classmates in regular cyber war-games.


Located at 4th Level of the Main Library, this learning and social space is inspired by the famed Italian Renaissance polymath who is known to have an “unquenchable curiosity”. The types of books available on this level cover a wide range of genres from architecture, design to mathematics and science.

It boasts learning “pods” for small group discussions, a media viewing area and exhibition spaces.


The Hotel Learning Centre is integrated with the Building Services Lab to provide learning space for both the "front-of-the-house" hotel management, and "back-of-the-house" Building Services training, simulating the activities and processes of an actual hotel. Location: W513.


The Navigation Simulator consists of five Navigating Bridges, three Instructor Stations and Briefing/Debriefing Room. The bridges have a horizontal field of view of 240 degrees and fully equipped with state-of-the-art Computer Generated Image (CGI) system to create a highly realistic environment. Location: Integrated Simulation Centre Level 2.


Located at W1, the Optometry Centre was established in 1990 as a clinical teaching centre for final year Diploma in Optometry students. At this centre, students learn to examine patients, diagnose and manage common eye problems. It also serves to provide comprehensive and efficient eye care services to the public.


The Perfumery and Cosmetic Science Centre provides facilities for the development and application of fragrances and personal care products in the chemical, cosmetics and toiletries industries.


The design concept for the Sanctuary provides students with a natural study environment that comes with a butterfly habitat. The iconic showpiece is shaped like a snail and the study pavilions take the shape of leaves. Railway sleepers are recycled into decorative stepping boards and nectar plants are specially selected to attract butterflies to the park.

As an outdoor living lab, it is a boon for students from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment. Cosy learning and social spaces have been provided at the core and fringes of Sanctuary for students to gather and interact in a garden environment.


Located next to McDonald’s and in the proximity of the Dover MRT Station, the SPectrum is one of the most popular learning and social spaces in SP.


Students taking the Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) will experience the pulse and pace of a real-life integrated marketing communication agency here. The Agency also boasts specially configured furniture for brainstorming and meeting, a pitch room for client presentations and studios for creating audio and video collaterals.


The M.A.D. (Media-Art-Design) Studios is a cluster of home-based, fully-equipped production studios that provide students from the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology with a personalised workspace for sculpting, production design, animation and visual effects classes. It is a cosy place where they can relax and have creative discussions with peers or industry clients from cross-disciplinary or collaborative projects. The M.A.D. Studios truly simulates the real-world environment!

UOB Kay Hian - SP Dealing Centre

The UOB Kay Hian - SP Dealing Centre replicates a real-world trading experience and connects the classroom to the financial world outside!

It is equipped with Thomson Reuters financial info system, including financial market rates, news headlines, financial stories and price charts as well as dealing communication system including dealing phones and voice box. The facility is used to train Banking and Finance students in price making, trading principles and position management.

Trainees will experience the full Dealing Room environment in trading foreign exchange (currencies) and financial derivatives (futures and options) as well as stocks and shares. It's located at T22.