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Events @ PFP

2017 Events

Meet The Parents (MTP) Session 2017

PFP Meet The Parents (MTP) Session for the 5th PFP cohort was held on 22 July 2017.

The programme included Director's and Course Chair's overview of PFP, LEAP Camp briefing for parents (conducted by DSA & camp vendor), presentation of PFP Study Awards and a highly interactive Q&A session via


Army Open House (AOH) 2017

All PFP students attended the Army Open House at F1 pit on 24 May 2017. The event not only highlighted the Army's 3rd Gen equipment and capabilities, AOH2017 also featured a suite of engaging and interactive activities.

Some of the highlights of the event includes NS50 Showcase and the Dynamic Defence Display (D3) show. The students had the opportunities to learn interesting facts about the national service, the evolution and achievements of the national servicemen through the showcase.


PFP Talk by Dr Looi

A talk on "The Science of Happiness or Laughter" by Dr Yvonne Looi was conducted on 3 May 2017 for the PFP students.

Dr Yvonne Looi is a Joyologist. She has a PhD in biology and has a certification in the science of happiness, who specialize in Laughter Yoga and Happiness Workshops for companies and enterprises.

The students attended the talk at LT4 and had a wonderful time laughing it loud!

"Happiness is indeed a choice, so laugh all you want, it is free!"


PFP Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP) 2017

A warm welcome to our 251 freshmen to Singapore Polytechnic!

Through the activities held from 10-13 April 2017, freshmen got to know new friends, SP campus and also the Polytechnic Foundation Program (PFP), thus preparing them to blend into the new academic environment.

During the Meet The Directors lunch session on 11 April, the freshmen also had the opportunity to meet the various school directors who answered their queries pertaining to their diplomas.


PFP Completion Ceremony 2017

The School of Mathematics & Science organised the 4th PFP Completion Ceremony at the Auditorium on 30 Mar 2017.

Once again, our PFP cohort achieved 100% passing rate with 221 students all completed PFP successfully!

Class JP01/01 - Dr Melvin Lim Class JP01/02 - Mr Tan Teow Chye
Class JP01/03 - Ms Chin Li Cheong Class JP01/04 - Mr Lau Yan Moh
Class JP01/05 - Ms Lim Pei Chin Class JP01/06 - Mrs Yaw-Chee Ping Yeun
Class JP01/07 - Mr Yap Wee Hau Class JP01/08 - Mr Chiang Teik Weng
Class JP01/09 - Ms Tan Hui Chin Class JP02/10 - Mr Patrick Phang
Class JP02/01 - Mr Yap Wee Hau Class JP01/11 & JP02/02 - Mr Toh Hiap Aik

PFP Homecoming 2017

Congratulations to our 1st PFP alumni for making it into the final semester of their diploma study. The tutors and the first PFP alumni had a warm and heartfelt gathering at FoodHaven on 25 January 2017.

This get-together event marked a milestone for our first PFP alumni, to reunite with their tutors after embarking into their 3-year diploma program, following the completion of their PFP program in 2014. The students had a wonderful time keeping in touch with their ex-PFP friends and tutors, reminiscing the fruitful year in their PFP program. Tutors of the PFP alumni were also happy for their students' achievements, and some of the accomplishments by the PFP alumni includes:

  • 2 Institutional Medalists
  • 3 Course Medalists
  • 3 Silver Medalists
  • 24 Diploma with Merits

For the details of the award recipients, refer to the "Achievements" tab for 2017.

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