Rethinking conventions

Seeds Exhibition


Singapore Polytechnic Design School presents its new school building that embodies the spirit of the ethos of the Design school: to experiment, collaborate and document. Envisaged as a Living Incubator where design pedagogy is realised through its spaces incubating its 4 diplomas. Namely, the Diploma in Interior Design [DID], Diploma in Visual Communications and Media Design [DVMD], Diploma in Games Design and Development [DGDD] and Diploma in Experience and Product Design [DXPD].


To celebrate its new school building, it is bringing together industry, alumni, students and staff to convert the BCA Platinum Green Mark building into a massive design showcase, converting studios into immersive environments through an array of installations and interactive showcases. Featuring award winner designer partners, Alumni and its respective Diploma courses, the showcase is entitled Seeds: Sowing Promises. The notion of planting, possibilities, growing, blossoming, coming to fruition and harvesting is extended into the 13 experiential exhibitions on showcase.