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Youngest lab head among NHG's Young Achiever Award winners

The New Paper, 13 Jul 2017 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Biomedical Science alumna Serene Kho who was among the ten NHG Young Achiever Award winners. At 30, Serene became the youngest head of laboratory at National Healthcare Group Diagnostics (NHGD) two years ago. She did an internship at NHG while studying at SP, and joined as a junior medical technician in May 2005. Under her leadership, NHGD's laboratories initiated more efficient and convenient services for both patients and caregivers. Last August, she set up the Home Phlebotomy team, which visits wheelchair- and bed-bound patients to draw blood for laboratory tests. Serene shared her experience overseeing a team of 25, all older than her, as well as the source of motivation for her job. She sees herself staying in healthcare for years to come.

Biomedical Science alumna Serene Kho

News & Announcements

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