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Recognition and Appreciation were main sentiments at EEE Annual Award Presentation 2017

It was an event to recognise and honour the academic achievements of top 10% students who had excelled in their first and second years of study in the last academic year AY1617.

The Annual Award Presentation, organised by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), was held on 28 July 2017 at the SP Auditorium. Over 300 parents, secondary school teachers, industry prize sponsors, lecturers and guests gathered on that Friday afternoon to witness the presentation of Commendation Letters to students who had been placed on the Director’s Honour Roll (DHR) or won the top prize awards. With approving smiles, it was indeed a proud moment for their parents, watching the children receive their awards.

To add to the celebratory mood of the event, 3 students, Jia Yuer, Uzairul and Qi Yang sang for the audience and a group entertained with their beat-boxing tune. One of the highlights was a video where award recipients expressed gratitude and appreciation to their parents, school teachers and SP lecturers. A novel 3-dimensional Appreciation tree carried similar messages.

After the award presentations by Mr Toh Ser Khoon, Acting Director, EEE and our esteemed industry prize sponsors, there was inspirational sharing by 2 recent graduates, Benedict Lee Wei Zheng and Tan Yi Xuan. Benedict, who won the Lee Kuan Yew Award and a top 2017 graduate from the Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) awed the students with his numerous projects that he had built using the knowledge that learnt in SP. His key advice to the student is “Don't confine your learning to within the classroom walls. Dare to go out and don't be afraid to try something new.” Another graduate, Yi Xuan, a top 2017 graduate from the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) shared her learning journey in SP and gave advice which can be summarised as follows: “Never stop trying new things, there’s always something to learn no matter how good or bad an experience was. You must also learn to fail, by learning from failure that will make you become smarter.” These are indeed wise words to motivate our students to excel.

Our heartiest congratulations to all our deserving students!

Students and their parents
@ registration counter

Writing their appreciation on the leaves to be hung on Appreciation Tree

3D Appreciation Tree showing appreciation from students

Proud parents gracing the award ceremony

Emcees of the event - Justin Tien Dien Vinh and Camille Mavic Tupas Castro

Mesmerising performance
by Chew Jia Yuer

Entertaining performance
by Zhang Qi Yang

Duet by Zhang Qi Yang &
Uzairul Fayyadh Bin Arrifin

Uzairul singing his heart out

Beatboxing by Branon Lau Yu Xin, Hoo Chan Yong and Shasti Velan s/o Asokan

Mr Toh Ser Khoon, Acting Director of EEE, gave the opening address

Inspiring speech by Benedict Lee
Lee Kuan Yew Award and 2017 Gold medallist from DCPE

Tan Yi Xuan, 2017 Gold medallist from DASE shared her success stories

Year 1 & Year 2 students from DASE
with Mr Toh and Mr Chee Choong Yang (Course Chair)

Year 1 & Year 2 students from DCPE
with Mr Toh and Dr Tan Kwee Teck(Course Chair)

Year 1 & Year 2 students from DEB
with Mr Toh and Mr Chee Choong Yang (Course Chair)

Year 1 students from DEEE
with Mr Toh and Mr Goh Say Seng
(Course Chair)

Year 2 students from DEEE
with Mr Toh and Mr Goh Say Seng
(Course Chair)

Students from DES and DESM with Mr Toh and Mr Chia Soo Ping (Course Chair)

Year 1 & Year 2 Top prize winners from all EEE courses with prize sponsors

Students with their secondary school teachers – Greendale SS, School of Science & Technology, West Spring SS and Anglo- Chinese School (Independent)



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