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Choosing an EEE diploma course at SP

1. What are the diploma courses that School of EEE offers at Singapore Polytechnic (SP)?

SP’s School of EEE, offers 6 diploma courses that cater to the different interests of students. They are:

Visit our website for more information about these diploma courses: www.sp.edu.sg/eee

2. How do I know which diploma course offered by School of EEE suits me?

The curriculum in each EEE diploma course is unique and industry-driven. Each course is designed to provide relevant knowledge and skills training needed in a particular industry. These 6 EEE diploma courses support the 7 key industry sectors identified by the school. They are:

To help secondary students make an informed decision on pursuing an EEE diploma course at SP, School of EEE offers a variety of programmes for students to discover their unique interests, passions and career options through talks, learning journeys, workshops and competitions tailored to each of these 6 EEE diplomas. We would like to encourage you to be OPEN to and participate in these learning platforms offered. Alternatively, you could seek advice from EEE course counsellors and do a Career Interest profiling with us.

Visit our website for more information about the programmes offered to secondary students. Go to School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering » Secondary Schools » Programme for Secondary Students

3. Which admission exercise would I qualify for if I have the interest to pursue an EEE diploma course at SP?

The admissions exercise you would qualify for will be dependent on the type of qualifications you possess. The Table below shows the various pathways offered to secondary school students/applicants who are keen in pursuing a diploma course at SP:

Admission Exercise at SP Eligible for:
Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) Students with GCE “O” level qualification.
Joint Polytechnic Admission Exercise (JPAE) Graduates from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) with Higher Nitec or Nitec qualification.
Early Admission Exercise (EAE) Students who have registered to sit for the GCE O-Level examination in the year of EAE.
Early Admission Exercise (for ITE students) – EAE (I) ITE students who are in the final year of their Nitec or Higher Nitec course.
Poly Foundation Programme Admission Exercise (PFPAE) Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) students with good GCE “N” level qualification.
Direct Admission Exercise (DAE) Ex-polytechnic students and students with foreign qualifications.


Visit SP website for more information on the admission criteria and application period.
Go to Home » Admissions » Admissions Exercises

4. How should I prepare myself if I am keen to apply for an EEE diploma course in SP under the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)?

EAE is an admission exercise that allows current Secondary 4 students to apply and receive conditional offers for admission to SP based on their aptitudes and interests before taking their GCE “O” level examination.

Therefore it is never too early to start building up your portfolio of achievements, awards and work samples if you have strong aptitude and interest in any of the 6 EEE diploma courses at SP.  If you also display exceptional talents in other areas such as sports and community service, it will be an added advantage in your EAE application.

School of EEE, SP, will have the discretion to determine the mode of assessment such as portfolio, interview and aptitude test, where relevant and appropriate.

Here are some examples of evidence that you can use to support your EAE application for EEE diploma courses at SP:

What you might use to support your EAE application if you had attended any ONE of these engineering related events?

  • YEA (Young Engineer Award) Bronze - STEM ALP (Sec 1)
  • YEA Sliver - STEM ALP (Sec 2)
  • YEA Gold – Competition/STEM ALP (SP–Sec 3)
  • YEA Gold with Distinction via SP Engineering Academy Selection Programme
  • Learning Journey @ Polytechnic
  • SP Engineering Camp
  • Advanced Elective Modules (AEM)
  • RoboCup Singapore Open
  • Singapore National CoSpace & RoboMaker Challenge

Other Experiences/Talents that you should let us know

  • Leadership role in Local or Overseas Community projects
  • Achievements in Inter-school competition
  • Relevant CCAs such as
    • Robotics Club
    • Info-Comm Club
  • Hobbies and Interests such as web design, video editing/production

Visit our website to find out more about engineering related events at SP. 
Go to School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering » Secondary School » Programme for Secondary Students

5. What is the opportunity for further education after I graduate from my EEE diploma course at SP?

More and more EEE graduates from SP are using their diplomas to serve as a gateway to further their education. In fact, our EEE graduates are offered direct entry/advanced standing at local and overseas universities respectively.

Alternatively you can also consider upgrading via attending part-time courses such as advanced diploma courses, post-diploma courses, professional courses and certificate courses conducted by School of EEE, SP, after your diploma studies with us.  More information about these part-time courses can be found HERE.

Check out our website to plan your education pathway from an EEE diploma to a degree with advanced standing. Go to School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering » Courses » Full-time Diploma

6. What is the annual student intake for EEE diploma courses at SP?

The student intake for each of the EEE diploma courses at SP varies from year to year depending on the projected manpower requirements of Singapore and the intake capacity of the courses offered.

A glimpse of the 2017 planned intake and net ELR2B2 aggregate scores for each of the EEE diploma courses at SP is listed here for your reference:


Course Code Diploma Name 2017 Planned Intake 2017 JAE ELR2B2
S90 Diploma in Aerospace Electronics 140 14
S53 Diploma in Computer Engineering 160 17
S42 Diploma in Engineering with Business 80 14
S99 Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering 340 18
S45 Diploma in Energy Systems & Management 60 21
S33 Diploma in Engineering Systems 40 21

Check our website to know more about the course criteria.