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Financial Matters for EEE students at SP

1. Are financial assistance schemes available to needy students pursuing SP full-time diploma courses in School of EEE?

Yes, needy students can seek financial assistance to defray the cost of their education cost while studying at SP.

Check out SP website for more information on financial support available to SP students.
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2. Are there scholarships and awards available to students pursuing SP full-time diploma courses in School of EEE?

A variety of scholarships and awards are made available to SP students pursuing full-time courses in School of EEE. Offered by SP as well as other organisations, these scholarships seek to recognise students with excellent academic achievements, leadership qualities and active CCA participation.

Scholarships are offered at different times during the academic year and have different eligibility criteria.

SP EEE Scholarships @ a glance

Check out our website to know more the various scholarships awarded to our students and alumni. 
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