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Learning Express

Learning Express is an Overseas Social Innovation Project wherein the students complete the project in a period of 2 weeks. Students use Design Thinking methodology to co-create innovative prototype solutions to real-life issues. They develop an understanding of the issues faced by the overseas community in the context of their social, economic & political culture, and analyse these issues from multiple perspectives. Through this project, students are able to apply their teamwork and communication skills, develop a better understanding of themselves, empathy for the community they are serving, and realise the positive impact they can make in the lives of a community in need. 

EEE staff who facilitates the LeX programme will accompany the students on their overseas trip. Both learning by staff and student helps to strengthen and support the polytechnic-wide initiative of Overseas Social Innovation Project (OSIP).

LeX Destinations

Country Places
MALAYSIA Kota Kinabalu
MYANMAR Naypyidaw


LeX Projects

Examples of Lex projects which were implemented in the villages:

pH Sensor implementation in a Fish Farm, Vietnam  

Humidity sensors implemented in Mushroom Cultivation farm at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Some photos of LeX journeys:

Conducting empathy study with the villagers

Brainstorming for Ideation

Conducting feedack @ Gallery Walk

Cultural immersion

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