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Overseas Internship Attachment (OIA)

The Overseas Internship Attachment (OIA) is a 6 week program for 2nd year students opting to go overseas for their internship instead of doing it locally. Besides acquiring specific skills relevant to their diploma course, the OIA aims to raise the students’ awareness of the economic and social developments of the country that they will be attached to, and help them develop a greater appreciation of other cultures. Training programmes are available for students from the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE), Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE), Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (DEEE), and Diploma in Energy Systems and Management in various locations such as Taiwan, Xiamen, Tianjin, Changchun, Beijing, Thailand and Japan (see table below). Only students whose CGPA is at least 2.5 are eligible to apply for OIA. Financial Assistance is also available to students.

No Name of Company/Institution/Country Area of Training
1 AMECO Training Centre, Beijing China Avionic principles
2 Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC), Tianjin China Avionic principles
3 HAECO Training Center, Xiamen China Avionic principles
4 China University of Science and Technology (CUST), Taiwan Avionic principles
5 ALL GREEN LEARNING CENTER (AGLC), Thailand Design, integration  and implementation of clean and energy efficient solutions
6 Yida Photovoltaic Equipment Co. Ltd, Changchun China Solar-power generation equipment
7 Changchun No.4 Central  Hospital, Changchun, China Medical instruments : Principles of application, operation, testing and maintenance
8 Wuxi IoT Research Institute of BUPT (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Wuxi China IoT projects
9 Japan NCTs Project based

Feedback received from students who recently returned from their March 2017 OIA in Changchun, China, has been positive:

“It was a memorable experience...” – Tatius Tan Yong Ji (DEEE)
“Great experience and opportunity to make new friends” – Ryan Tan Jun Hao (DEEE)
“Fun and memorable journey, bonds created are strong for all” – Franklin Anderson (DEEE)

March 2017 OIA students at AGLC, Thailand

March 2017 OIA students undergoing training at
Central Hospital, Changchun China

Group of 4 students on overseas internship at
Toba National College of Maritime Technology
visiting Ise Jingu with Japanese students

OIA students at HAECO Training Column
Centre in Xiamen

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