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Joanna Lum Jia Min

Diploma in Energy Systems & Management
Fuhua Secondary School

Graduated in 2017


Her father died of cancer when she was 7 years old. Raised single-handedly by her mother who worked hard to eke out a living for her 2 siblings and herself, Joanna Lum Jia Min grew up with little during her childhood years. That, however, did not dent her optimism about life. In fact, her personal statements sum it best her approach to life: “Problems are not hindrances but opportunities for improvements” and that one should “run your own race.”

Ran she certainly did for Joanna who will graduate from SP as top of her Diploma in Energy Systems and Management Course (DESM) this May. Her excellent results are matched by her impressive contribution in extracurricular activities for which she has obtained a Gold with Honours grade. During her 3 years in EEE, she served as an EEE Student Ambassador helping in school and SP events, Class Leader, and Vice-President in SP’s Astronomers and leader of the Solar Car Battery group for SUNSPEC 4.

Joanna has been accepted by NTU and NUS, and will be furthering her studies.

Congratulations Joanna and we wish you good luck in your studies and career!

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