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Learning More about Engineering Education at Parent’s Forum

57 parents visited the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) as part of the Parent’s Forum held on 3rd June 2017 at SP. They had the opportunity to learn more about poly education, SP courses and the different poly admission exercises at the half day event.

The Forum started with a talk by the Registrar on “JC or Poly? Making an Informed Choice” at the SP Convention Centre (SPCC) followed by the visit to EEE where the parents were given a course talk and a showcase tour to the Engineering Studio to view some of the outstanding projects done by EEE students. Each project had been specially selected to showcase EEE students’ innovations and application of engineering knowledge and skills from each of the 6 EEE courses. The visitors were also given a chance to interact with the students to find out more about their life in EEE and why they had made SP their choice. The parents ended their visit with a session on Course and Early Admission Exercise (EAE) Counselling at the SPCC where refreshments were also served.

Scenes from the Parent’s Forum:

Parents arriving at SPCC

Parents at SPCC for
Course & EAE counselling

 Parents at LT14B for EEE course talk

Parents at Year 1 & 2 Project Showcase
   Parents at Year 3 Project showcase