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Justin Gnoh
Diploma in Engineering with Business
St Gabriel’s Secondary School

Graduated in 2017

After graduating from secondary school, Justin Gnoh was very certain he wanted to join SP. In fact, all his choices were SP courses and he was accepted into the Diploma in Engineering with Business (DEB).

Justin chose DEB for its course structure and the way engineering and business components were well-integrated into projects. Joining SP, Justin found a close-knit community amongst his coursemates, who shared like-minded interests. In particular, there is a strong sense of technopreneurship and many of them intend to start their own businesses in future.

This influence, coupled by the DEB curriculum and Justin's own part-time work experience encouraged him to develop an online business of his own. As an avid cyclist, Justin found that it was hard to find a good selection of cycling caps in Singapore at more affordable prices. He tried searching for them on Carousell to no avail, which gave him the idea to start selling cycling caps on the e-commerce platform.

The young entrepreneur had graduated from SP as a Course Medallist, with a GPA of 3.94. In future, he plans to expand his business on a global scale. For now, he hopes to be able to run his business while serving NS.

Congratulations Justin and we wish you good luck in your studies and career!

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