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Engaging Educators in Engineering Possibilities and Opportunities

32 teachers and STEM educators attended an Educator’s Networking Lunch organised by School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) on 7th June 2017 at Singapore Polytechnic Staff Centre, Tulip Room. 

The lunch promised to be more than an eating affair. With the theme “Engineering as a career,” the session commenced with a gallery walk showcasing the seven industry sectors in Singapore, which EEE has identified, followed by a welcoming address by Director EEE and a talk entitled “Possibilities & Opportunities.” Besides the casual photos taken after the talk, electronic souvenirs assembled by EEE students provided the memorabilia for the event.

The group was rewarded with more takeaways than they’d bargained for. They learnt about the importance of engineering and its growth for the nation, the advantages of engineering as a career, pursuing an engineering programme and career via the polytechnic route, the courses offered by EEE, the industry landscape in the various Engineering fields and the engagement platforms at EEE to help their students discover their passion in Engineering. The information will no doubt come in useful when they counsel and give advice to their students. They look forward to collaborating with EEE through inviting the EEE outreach team to give engineering talks at their schools and bringing their students to EEE for a learning journey to explore and discover engineering.

Scenes from Educator’s Networking Lunch: