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DCPE/DEEE Team Won First Prize at CIENA’s Open Networking Competition





“Team SP Avengers” comprising students, Jeremy Lee Kian Kiat (DCPE), Muhamad Farhan Bin Mohamed Haryadi (DCPE) Seow Zhi Sheng (DEEE) and their supervisors, Dr Lim Joo Ghee and Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw, won first prize at the inaugural CIENA Open Networking Innovation Competition 2016. The competition, open to students, staff and faculty members of Research & Education Institutes from Asia and Pacific, was organised by CIENA, a US-based provider of Carrier Ethernet solutions for broadband and telecommunications service providers.

Optical networks are deployed to connect data centres. The optical network is now increasingly defined by software and services, giving rise to programmable networks. The competition required teams to come up with an application for a Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) Use-Case. Using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provided by the CIENA Waveserver, a platform that enables DCI, the team developed a mobile application that allowed data centre network engineers to be able to monitor and do basic troubleshooting of the Waveserver.

The application demo can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13PlUtwDnGU