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Year 3 DASE team was 1st runner up at 12th Robocup Iran UAV Open 2017

Heartiest congratulations to Team SP Aero!

Team SP Aero clinched the 1st Runner-up (outdoor) award at the recent 12th Robocup Iran UAV Open 2017 competition held from 5-7 April 2017 in Iran.
The team comprising DASE year 3 students and graduates was the only foreign team competing against 17 other qualified teams from universities in Iran.

DASE Year 3 Students DASE Graduates
Brenda Ng Xin En Tan Tian Fu
Hee Jing Shen Jonathan Fong Jia Tong
Cheryl Ang Hui Min Wong Kang Zhong Isaac

The theme of the competition was ‘search and rescue’ on an off-shore oil rig. The competition simulated an accident which happened in the rig, causing fire to the platform and resulting in people falling into the water.   Representing the search and rescue team deployed to the accident site, the team used 2 UAVs to autonomously complete the following required missions:

1. Take off.
2. Do a fast mapping of the accident area to evaluate the whole situation and then find
    designated targets, such as the location of the people in the water.
3. Deliver lifebuoy to the person’s vicinity.
4. Sample water around the oil rig and then release the water into a specified water container.
5. Landing on the same or specified landmark.

Publish on 19 April 2017