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Awards Apr - Jun 2016

16 Apr 2016
DASE year 2 student, James Lye Zheng Bin, and alumni , Teo Jian Rong and Toh Lip An, were among the 54 youth leaders whose achievements were recognised at the nEbO’s annual Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) held on 16 Apr 2016 at Downtown East D’Marquee.

Lip Ann received the EXCEL award given to outstanding leaders who inspire their peers and other nEbOians. Further, he, James and Jian Rong were part of the 15 member youth team who won the Team Versatility Award for organizing the initiative “Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) 2015” to promote and encourage youth entrepreneurship. The award recognizes a team that best performs the five qualities nEbO develops in their youths – Creativity, Leadership, Adaptability, Competence and Resourcefulness.

James also co-founded a start-up called Personal Media, an app which connects people across different social media channels. He secured Spring Singapore funding of $50,000 last year for his start-up.
25 Apr – 6 May 2016
SEEE won the merit award ($150) in the ECO-Office Challenge 2016 (25 Apr – 6 May 2016) organised by the SP Go Green Committee to promote, raise awareness and cultivate environmentally-friendly habits and good practices among staff and within the workplace.
25 May 2016 
The following EEE staff were presented the Excellence Service Award (EXSA) and Service Super Star awards at the SP’s 2016 Service Excellence Day on 25 May 2016:
Service Superstar EXSA Silver Award
Elaine Ta Kng Beng Kee
Joel Zhou
Low Keng Cheow
Tan Ngiap Chee
Oen Miow Luan
Hamzah Bin Hussein
Chua Boon Leong
Chan Chee Hong
Lynn Chhia
Tan Chiao Ning
Chong Wee Tat
Ang Chew Peng
Chua Bing Sheng