Blazer Loan

Loan of SP Blazers

Students representing SP in approved, formal events are eligible to loan the SP Blazer from the Student Service Centre (located @ Block T16, level 1).

Requests for loans must be made through the SP staff in-charge of organising the official event.

To avoid disappointment, submission of loan request should be made at least two-weeks in advance.

Please download the following forms:

For more information, please email Mr Freddie Chua (


Terms and Conditions

  • Only students representing SP in approved formal events are eligible to loan blazers. The SP Blazer must not be worn at any private event or personal function.
  • Requests for loans must be made through students’ respective schools/depts and endorsed by the SP staff-in-charge of event using the attached official form.
  • The borrower is liable to pay $100.00 for any damage or loss of blazer. The damaged blazer will remain the property of SP and must be returned to SP.
  • Blazers must be returned to the Student Service Centre (SSC) within 3 working days after the event.
    For late returns, a late fee of $2.00 per working day will be imposed.
  • Proper dress code must be strictly complied with, while the blazer is worn. Strictly no T-shirts, mini-skirt, jeans and sneakers/sports shoes or sandals are allowed.
    For Males: white long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, black shoes and SP Tie
    For Females: white long-sleeved blouse with collar, black knee-length skirt and black court shoes


Information updated : 06 March 2018



Students Modelling the SP Blazer

Please read the terms and conditions for the loan carefully. Do remember to return the SP blazer on time to the Student Service Centre after the event is over.